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ALAM has produced a special series of Malaysian natural history appbooks dedicated to the famed British biologist and explorer Alred R. Wallace (1823-1913). The Wallace series is conceived to introduce some of the most iconic species collected by Wallace himself.

Sample AppBook cover, available for download in Android and Apple iOS soon

The aim of the series is to inspire interest readers to discover the rich biodiversity that call Malaysia home. And in following the footsteps of Alfred Wallace, we hope that the coming generation will not only learn to appreciate nature, but to really get to know them.

Preservation and conservation, after all, begins with knowing the richness that we have. Through the attainment of such knowledge, only then can meaningful actions be taken to ensure that the future prosperity of all sentient beings in this blessed land is protected.

The following titles in full colour multimedia will soon be available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play:

--- The Life and Times of Alfred R Wallace: His travels to the Malay Archipelago
--- The Wallace Peninjau Trail
--- The Summit Trail of Mount Kinabalu
--- The Alfred R Wallace Nature Series: Mammals of Malaysia
--- The Alfred R Wallace Nature Series: Plants of Malaysian Rainforest
--- The Alfred R Wallace Nature Series: Amazing Amphibians of Malaysia
--- The Alfred R Wallace Nature Series: Malaysia - Tropical Bird Paradise
--- The Alfred R Wallace Nature Series: Insects of Malaysia